Are You Ready to Start Using Marketing Automation?

Are You Ready to Start Using Marketing Automation? There are those, who are already using Marketing Automation and there are those, who will start using it soon. The question is not IF, it is WHEN. Marketing Automation is the new go to solution in the marketing and sales department, but in order for it to be truly successful in your organization, it is worthwile to concider and evaluate a few indicators that can serve as a basis for your decision about wheather to budget for a MA software now or postpone it a bit for after these indicators are in place. You are now probably considering a meticulous evaluation of technological platforms available at your company – you might be surprised to learn that what you need to take a closer look at are your people, processes and interactions. So what are the indicators that you might want to consider before even signing up for a trial period with MA: 1. Do you have the organizational capacity in terms of available staff and talent to run a successful MA operation? On the one hand it is about whether you have enough assignable staff time to the extra workload that MA requires, but on the other hand it is also about wheather your marketing and sales teams are aligned and on the same page with MA. It is also pivotal to assure that your internal marketing and sales processes are in place. 2. Do you know your customers/buyers inside and out? Have you identified your buyer’s journey and outlined their persona, their decision triggers, needs and buying motivations? Here is the place and time for the marketing and the sales team to combine their knowledge and understand the prospect’s engagement path, buyer decisions, buyer cycle and the possibly identifyable triggers that move a lead towards purchase. 3. Do you have good quality content that you can share with your leads at the different stages of their buyer journey? It is simple: you need enough amount of good quality content to carry your leads through the sales funnel. Good quality content does not mean fancy designed leaflets and broshures about your services and products. Good quality content here means content that is helpful or interesting to your leads. Content that is able to engage them, and assures positive brand impregnation. With some creativity you might be able to recycle already existing content such as white papers, studies, presentations, into lead nurturing content such as blog posts, Infographic, QandA etc. You usually need to shift the focus of these pre-MA materials from “What do I want to tell my leads?” to “How does this content help my lead with their current needs?”. 4. Do you have specific goals and success measurement metrics defined in terms of what you wish to achieve with MA? Unless you know your current marketing and sales situation in terms of numbers (lead aquisition cost, revenue by leads, buyer cycle costs, buyer cycle length etc.), it will be difficult to identify what a successful MA inplementation will look like for your organization. 5. Do you have enough patience? Marketing Automation needs its time to really fall into place and start fulfilling one’s exepectations. It is a trial-error process with personal input being of utmost importance. Marketing Automation is not rocket science, but without the necessary inputs the outcome will not be as desired when embarking on the MA journey. And a journey it is, truly. With its joys and difficulties as well. And as with every journey, great planning and preparation play a large part in future success. It is worth to sign up for a MA solution at the right time in order not to lose valuable leads during the overlapping delayed preparation phase.