How Can Marketing Automation Generate More Revenue for Your Company?

In 2015, marketing automation was used by ten times more companies than it was five years before, and the predictions clearly suggest its continued growth in the next few years. This cannot be an accident, can it? The main reason of course is the icreased revenue MA based solutions can deliver and in a fairly short period of time too. Although it is a long-term investment and it gets better with time as one learns its possibilities and pittfalls, it does fulfill its revenue increasing promise fairly soon. How does marketing automation achieve that? Well, in a nutshell, it goes like this : 1. With its special focus on lead management solutions such as lead scoring, lead nurturing, lead segmentation, marketing automation can generate better leads through personalisation and better targeting, and therefore it can reduce the sales cycle. It is proven that a nurtured lead becomes a purchasing customer more quickly and more willingly than an unnurtured prospect. So there you go: more sales in a given period of time, more revenue. 2. But it is not all: with the adoption of a marketing automation software, a company can save a significant amount of staff time only because most of the marketing tasks become automated. A small company can have a small marketing staff and still opt for marketing automation! 3. Marketing costs are further reduced by an incredible increase in productivity, thanks to such MA features as automated workflow and pre-set campaigns. Massive amounts of mails can be sent out without any manual intervention, multi-channel social media content can be updated without anyone actually having to press a button. More work gets done during the same length of period: more revenue. 4.¬†Interestingly, introducing marketing automation is a two-way road. On the one hand, the marketing and sales staff does their best to configure and utilize the software’s features and possibilities, but would you have guessed: the process also helps the company to analyze and improve its internal marketing and sales processes and strategies. The software supports, better yet, urges a holistic approach to marketing and sales strategies, where lead management, lead behaviour-based trigger campaigns, emails, SM channels etc. are all part of a big marketing operation. Better processes and strategies: increase in revenue – again. 5. From its above mentioned holistic approach it also folllows, that with the help of a MA software, the company can assure the conistency of their marketing messages via the several built-in channels. Not only that, but it can eliminate most human errors that usually occur during such large scale operations and campaigns. How does that increase the revenue? By a stronger brand value,¬†of course. Marketing automation is conquering the world in front of our eyes for many reasons. Increasing revenue is only one of them. Are you interested in more of the aspects of its success? Stay tuned!