The main tool designed for campaign management is the sales funnel. The functionality provided as part of Marketing Automation is used to analyze and support the sales process and to manage sales in the company. The whole process is divided into separate stages corresponding to the successive stages of your marketing and sales operations. Marketing activities are automatically initiated for every successive stage.


funnel-details-smallHow does it work?

You can define your sales funnel by entering its name and the names of the successive stages of the sales process which your prospects can reach. Next, in accordance with the sales process for each contact, they are placed at the respective stages of the funnel. Contacts can be moved between levels of the funnel or added to it:

  • manually on the contact card
  • manually and as a package via contact management
  • automatically, using automation rules

Example of use

sales funnelThe prospect who has reached a particular stage of the sales process may receive specifically adjusted content from Marketing Automation. Consider the following example of the sales funnel automation process:

  1. On opening an email received from your mailing the contact is added to the funnel;
  2. After reaching a pre-defined scoring  (e.g. 20 points)your contact will be automatically moved to stage 2 and a dynamic email will be sent;
  3. After opening a link from the dynamic message received the contact will be moved to the stage defined as ‘Interested (visit2)’, where a relevant notification is sent to your sales team. They can now contact the prospect and discuss any points of interest

marketing-automation-add-new-ruleEffects of use

  • Your marketing activity is ordered and represented as processes
  • Your prospects behaviours are analyzed at each stage of your campaign
  • Marketing and sales communication is properly adjusted at each stage
  • Campaign-based sales processes are shorter

Customer Reference

“Thanks to SALESmanago, we realize scenarios of dynamic solutions, which automate and support our system.”

Piotr Przybylski, Managing Director - Media Port Ltd.