Marketing Automation provides data required to analyse conversion and determine ROI on every marketing activity. Our solution you will identify for you the source of acquisition for every contact in your database. You will learn what marketing and sales activities prospects have been targeted with as well as the date and value of purchase made. Access to this data allows you to measure conversion at selected points as well as for the entire sales and marketing process.

Available functionalities

Effects of use

Use SALESmanago marketing campaign and activity analytics to learn which actions are most likely to lead to sales conversions. We analyze not only conversion paths but also prospect’s behaviour at various stages of sales funnels. From here, we construct Customer Journey models, which are the most efficient marketing campaign mixes.

Customer Reference

“SALESmanago, support is very quick. The team helped me to organise my thoughts and implement my strategy to the system with my own learning path. They are people centric, and they adjust the training according to the customer needs. Although, I am new user to the SALESmanago solution, I am certain about the successful use and implementation for our eshop needs.”

George Filippotis, CEO - Echo Deco