SALESmanago e-Mail Marketing system is used by thousands of companies around the globe. Customers include both large enterprises and small & medium companies. We provide it for free for companies with Customer databases up to 1000 contacts and for large companies our value for money is also unbeatable.

What distinguishes the SALESmanago e-Mail Marketing module from other e-mail marketing solutions?

  • With SALESmanago you will get a much wider picture than just simple information on opened and clicked emails. After each mailing SALESmanago will start comprehensive tracking of the behaviour of each contact on your website. Next, the system will inform you about each new visit and specific interests of a particular contact from your database.

    Real-Time Website visitors identification. See which customers are visiting your website after e-mailing and what they are looking for.

  • Automated behavioural segmentation based on the contact’s behaviour on your website – SALESmanago performs automated segmentation of contacts by looking at which products and services featured on your website have attracted your contact’s interest as well as the time of repeat visits.
  • The right content is sent to the right person at the right time – thanks to the behavioural profile of your contacts and information concerning the time of visit tothe website SALESmanago will automatically deliver tailored content and offers to particular prospects when they are potentially interested in purchasing your product.
  • Unique e-mail personalization possibilities (Personalization 3.0) – with SALESmanago each prospect may receive an email with the name of the product they viewed on your website displayed in the message title. This method dramatically increases the effectiveness of your e-mailings.
  • Personalized automated one-to-one email dialogues – SALESmanago facilitates creating complete communication cycles with particular prospects recorded in the database, based on their behaviour in response to specific mailings, behaviour while visiting your website or interaction with the sales team.
  • Behavioural leads and notifications created for the sales team – SALESmanago provides on-going, automated identification of prospects found in your database. Our system specifies who should be contacted by your sales reps, when the contact should take place and what should be discussed.
  • Advanced analytics of Click and Open Rate of each e-mail with additional information on the performance of your e-mails.

    Advanced analytics of Click and Open Rate of each e-mail with additional information on the performance of your e-mails.

    Complete knowledge about one particular contact is compiled in one location – SALESmanago consolidates complete knowledge about each prospect, the history of email messages sent, opened and clicked but above all, it compiles data concerning visits to your website and the contact’s scoring, which enables you to precisely address your product offer to the most valuable prospects.

SALESmanago e-Mail Marketing capabilities for everyone

SALESmanago e-Mail Marketing capabilities for advanced users

Customer Reference

“Thanks to specialized tools, we are creating e-mails perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs. With SALESmanago, we can craft offers delivered to specific people via e-mail.”

Agnieszka Dąbrowska, Customer Advisor - Noble Health

SALESmanago e-Mail Marketing – effects of use of 1-to-1 personalization