Social media are one of the most popular channels of communication with customers. They are characterized by an extremely large number of interactions and a relative ease of reaching a vast group of recipients. For an increasing number of companies social media are the main communication channel today. SALESmanago supports operations on this channel too. Modern functionalities of our system allow you both to source new contacts and to track social events on your page.


Available functionalities

Sourcing contacts from your fanpage:

Tracking user behaviours in the social media:


How to source contacts from Facebook?

SALESmanago users get access to contest apps where they can use a number of editable applications for organizing a variety of contests, including photo contests, quizzes etc.

To use the app you have created, each Facebook user has to provide their details – email and name. The data is automatically received by SALESmanago, which is how we source new contacts. To get more contacts just encourage users to try your app. You can now add them to any lead nurturing program created in your SALESmanago account and approach them with your promotional activities.


Effects of use


Customer Reference

“Marketing Automation supports many marketing actions of the company and it performs all tasks automatically. We really like the e-mail creator. You can use templates, which makes creating e-mails quick and efficient.”

Anna Wojtan, Marketing Specialist - Dekordia